Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 40: Happy 6 week birthday Bella baby!!

Today at 7 pm, Miss Bella will have made her mark for 6 weeks. Happy birthday Bella...Brother Dylan and us are going to celebrate by going to see Toy Story 3 this evening. He loves your weekly birthday celebrations Bella...

Sweet girl is doing well today. Her blood gases are improving and she is getting full feedings of 12 cc's every 3 hours. That makes us happy! They tried starting her on some fortifiers for additional calories but we just noticed some swelling in her stomach so she may not be handling that well. They have stopped for now and may resume with smaller doses later.
This week we pray to see those lungs get better, regenerating new lung tissue and getting healthy...Dr says that this can be achieved with plenty of nourishment..
Still watching, waiting and continuously praying...Thank you God for these glorious 6 weeks, she is amazing...strong...beautiful...and brave ..

Thank you!!!

Wow, how do we begin to express the overwhelming amount of gratitude that we have to so many....we are in complete amazement at the generosity and kindness of everyone that contributed to Bella's benefit last night. There are no words....but thank you all from the deepest, sincerest part of our hearts...
I cannot even begin to name the names of all of you that contributed but you know who you are, so do we and so does God and may he bless you as he has so greatly blessed us.
It was all the sweeter that the things we love the most in life: God, Family, Friends and Music all gathered together in our time of need.
Much love to you all

P.S..today's update on Bella to follow soon

Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 39

I'm sitting here at the nicu about to head over to exit/in for Bella's benefit show. Bella's blood gas just came back looking better than it has in days, which means the oscillator is working for her. She started eating again this morning, and we're all happy about that. She is still receiving some fluids via IV but that should stop once she's on full feeds again. Apparently this is what its like to have a baby with chronic lung disease. We HOPE its a long road. Overall, Bella is doing well and we are so thankful. This experience has taught us to be thankful and has made us recognize how much we have to be thankful for and how many people care about us and Bella. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at Exit/In tonight. So many people have gone out of their way to make this event happen and I'm very appreciative. It really means a lot to me, Telisha, Dylan, and most of all Bella. Thank you all...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Days 37 & 38

Well we are on the NICU roller coaster again...still thankful and blessed for her series of good days but unfortunately yesterday Bella's blood gases continued to get progressively worse. She was switched back to the oscilating ventilator end of day yesterday and spent a good portion of the evening getting use to it and needing 100 percent oxygen for a good while. The Doctor says that upon viewing her xrays that her left lung was getting hyperinflated and her lungs are very sick. They tell us that this machine is much easier on her lungs. Unfortunately it takes some getting use to for her. Her blood gases are slowly getting better but no great results thus far, just going to take some time. Doctor says that this is showing him that she has Chronic Lung Disease and will go home on oxygen, no great suprise there for us. All I heard there is that she could one day go home :)

Today is not a fun day for Bella. She needs more blood for respiratory purposes so is getting a blood transfusion today and tomorrow. This means that she is NPO (without food) until it is complete. She is much like Mom and Dad and loves to eat so feeling really bad for her today. She has an IV of fluids during this time and luckily Nurse Susan was able to start it on the first try...not an easy feat!

We are unable to hold Bella while on this ventilator. But we are looking at the long term here, if it is for her best interest and will help her improve over time we don't need instant gratification now...we are going to keep looking at the bigger picture where one day we will kiss her, hold her and hug her as much as we want.

We missed service and an intended Sunday School class this morning with everything going on but finding some comfort in scripture by her side now....We thank you all again for your continued prayers, we have a long road ahead but our faith just keeps getting stronger...
Much love to each of you

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nashville Scene Blurb


Life in the NICU

Luckily we have very little to report with Miss Bella this week. Eat, sleep, heal and grow...A series of uneventful days is a huge blessing.

I wanted to take the time to talk about our life in NICU. Some of you are very familiar with it and the rest of you we pray will never have to experience it....We received some wise advice in the very beginning from my dear father in law who told us that we just have to find a new normal. Here is our new normal for now:

Our days include several visits to Bella throughout the day. Upon each visit we sign in, scrub for 3 minutes from the elbows down and put on a hospital gown. Many of you have asked about visiting her. Unfortunately for her safety and the safety of the other babies we were only given 6 visiting spots and a spot for clergy member from our church. This reduces the risk of sickness and such being brought in. During her stay at NICU these are the only folks that are allowed to visit. Of course these spots were filled with immediate family members, unfortunately most all of these family members are not local so Miss Bella does not get a whole lot of visitors besides mom and dad. Another unfortunate is that siblings must be 4 years of age to visit so Dylan has not and probably will not see his little sister for quite some time.

Bella gets her milk and assessment every 3 hours and the isolette is left closed otherwise unless she starts acting up and they have to check on her. If we are there during the assessment then we get to do things like change diaper, take temperature, sometimes assist with medicines and tuck her in. She seems to respond best to minimal stimulation so we hold her hand or rest our finger against the bottom of her foot and speak soothing words to her. Our visits with the isolette open last only as long as Bella will allow, she is the boss and boy I tell you she is a girl that will let you know what she wants (I like to think she gets that from me ;))

The remainder of our time visiting is spent getting information from our nurses on orders for the day or next day, discussing their thoughts and opinions and on some days they act as our therapists listening to all aspects of our life and feeding us their wisdom. Have we mentioned yet just how incredible these Nurses and Respirational Therapists are??? We have found the NICU to be incredibly peaceful so Chris sometimes finds it a great time to take a cat nap. We spend much time in prayer and meditation there as well. We have several books that have been wonderful resources and inspiration for our spiritual journey that we read daily. One of course is Bella's bible in which we read and highlight scripture that some day we plan to teach her and another is a book called Jesus Calling which is daily devotionals that always seem to hit home.

Oh yes I should mention that we are not allowed to take calls by her bed....SO if you have called one of us and we have not answered that is possibly why....Text or email is best for now unless you don't mind waiting on a returned call.

We have come to cherish our time there, it is not the scary and cold place that most hospitals can be. It is warm, friendly and these babies are surrounded by more love than most of us each day. It definitely makes the long journey ahead not so bad.

We have learned that mainly life in the NICU is just one big balancing act. A balancing act for the medical staff to keep all organs and her amazing body working together.... A balancing act between visits with Bella, spending enough time with Dylan and managing to keep all other aspects of our life moving forward.... A balancing act between sleeping enough to fight off exhaustion and staying awake long enough to make the last sentence possible (obviously I am still working on this one since I am posting this at 5:00 am on a Saturday morning).... A balancing act of accepting all of the incredible help from family, friends and even strangers to get us through this time.... A balancing act of finances and career to ensure a future for both of our kids without sacrificing the time we have today.... A balancing act of our spiritual journey and growth along the way....One big balancing act..And I am incredibly happy to report that with much prayer, assistance from all of you and a cautiously optimistic hope for Bella's future, most days are for the most part: balanced.

Thank you all again for the continued prayers, thoughts and support.
Much love to each of you

Thursday, June 24, 2010

P-Ditty! RT Master!

Primary nurse Susan. Sorry, someone made me post this! & Bella's Bow by Primary Nurse Bethany!

Days 35 & 36

2 more good days in a row! We are so blessed. Miss Bella is doing so well. She's up on her feedings again to 12cc and tolerating well. Her blood work came back good this morning, so she doesn't need another transfusion anytime soon. She weighs 1.5 lbs now and looks great. We have a bunch of new photos to post soon. All the prayers and thoughts on Bella's behalf have most definitely affected her health. Than you all so much for your support.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 33 and 34

What a blessing that there are no major changes so far to report in 2 days!

Today is the first day without the antibiotics. Yey! Her feedings are at 11 cc's, we hope that soon they will start enhancing her breast milk with additional calories and we can really see this little girl gain weight. Her sats are a little up and down today but overall good. Her vent settings went down yesterday so that's a positive.

Bella is getting another blood transfusion today. I believe this is well over 10 total. Today's transfusion was a reminder to Chris and I on the importance of giving blood. That is something we have not considered in the past. I am making my appointment today with the Red Cross! One donation can help up to 3 patients....

Chris gets to hold little girl again today at 5 pm!!! Definitely looking forward to that...

This little miracle just keeps teaching us so many things and changing our life for the better. Thank you Bella and thank you God!

Much love to you all

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 32

ANOTHER beautiful day on this very special Father's Day for little Bella. Her central line came out today, she is now getting 10 CC's of milk and her blood gas is back to normal. Hallelujia!!! She was just so alert when I was visitng earlier. Her eyes open and I know it sounds crazy but I think she was smiling at me ;) Lots of wet diapers so her swelling is really improving as well...so blessed by these series of good days!

Just want to say Happy Father's Day to Chris on this wonderful day. Many of you have witnessed the dedication and enthusiasm that he has as a Dad. Dylan, Bella and I are so lucky to have him. He inspires me daily to be a better person and parent!

Worship this morning has never felt so sweet!! Thank you all again for our support and prayers.

MUCH love to you all,

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 31

Great news today! The Dr confirmed that the blood culture is final and negative for yeast! Thank you God! She will be getting her antibiotics for a few more days then they may consider taking out her central line. She is getting 9 cc of food and handling her feedings beautifully. She is no longer receiving TPN's so all of her nutrients are coming from breast milk. These are all great things and steps in the right direction.

Unfortunately we are having some trouble with her blood gas today so there is a chance she may have to switch back to the ocilator ventilator but they are just watching for now. They will be doing an arterial blood gas at 4 today. We are praying that one comes back better! She did have to go up on her vent settings. However her SATS have been in the 90s and oxygen on 60 percent.

So many blessings this week!!! And I got to hold her again yesterday and she loved it...Chris and I cherish that time, for 30 minutes the world stops around us and it is all about us and Bella..

Much love to you all!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The days leading to Bella's arrival...

I thought it may be suiting to share with you how Miss Bella arrived one month ago today.
We have been careful not to question it and with much prayer have found acceptance that it was God's will. Along the way he sent many people into our lives leading up to her arrival and of course following. I would just like to share some of our story.

I went to work on Saturday, May 8th to work on a wedding we had moved last minute due to the floods. My pregnancy had been picture perfect up until that day. I started experiencing some symptoms while working. I immediately left, drove myself to Vanderbilt ER where my midwife met me. It took us almost 7 hours to get an ultra sound and she could not do an exam until she got those results. 8 hours later they realized I was dialated to 2 and was having mild contractions. They admitted me into the hospital but would not start any procedures to delay. No IV's or any of the many drugs they can use to delay labor. The next morning I was examined by their perinatologist whom told me there was nothing they could do for me. "I would have the baby in 2 days or 2 weeks and at that time it was her personal opinion that she would be too young to try to save" They sent me home on Mother's Day in shock and with little hope.
After MUCH prayer and little research we went to Centennial. Neither of us had even been there before but we knew immediately upon arrival God had led us to the right place. They admitted me immediately to the high risk floor, they started giving medicines to delay Bella's arrival. I spent 10 beautiful days there being pregnant, resting and praying for acceptance of whatever God's plan may be. I met some of the most amazing health care professionals I could have ever met. They nurtured me, comforted me and I even had a nurse that came in to pray with me on her days off.Bella's arrival came pretty unexpectedly for everyone as it seemed I was stable for my condition. We are so incredibly grateful to the NICU team that was there immediately and believed in our little girl. They told us that she was fighting to stay alive and they wanted to give her the opportunity she deserved.
We don't know the outcome of our situation, we don't ask questions that can't be answered but we know that if we would have listened to Vanderbilt we would have not had the most amazing month that we have had getting to love and know beautiful Bella.The NICU at Centennial truly believes in miracles and we are so incredibly impressed and comforted by all of the wonderful folks we have met there.
I am scheduled to hold Bella again today and so excited. I will be sending a photo of her and I to that Dr at Vanderbilt to show her what a miracle looks like...

Much love to you all,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

30 days

We are so thankful for the progress Bella is showing. She is headed in the right direction on all fronts right now. Thank you all for you prayers, support, and love. There is no way we'd be doing this well without you. Her blood culture is negative for the 4th day. If we get to 5, the infection is gone and she'll be off her antibiotics within a few days. Her feedings are up again today and she may be off her tpn soon as well. Her kidney function looks great and her pressures have been brough down on the ventilator. Best news of the day...we get to hold her twice a week! Thank you God.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bella's 4 week adventure!

Bella's Benefit

4 Weeks!

What an amazing month its been! We are so thankful for every minute of every day and for all the love and support we've received. Thank you. Bella is doing great today. Her kidneys are in overdrive, her skin looks amazing, and her sats look good. We dont have the results of her Sunday blood culture yet, but are hoping to kick the infection any day now. Bella's going to get a new bed today and we're going to get to hold her! What a great day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 27

Our beautiful Bella is having a good day today. Her kidneys are slowly kicking back in so we are so thankful for that. She received another blood transfusion today so unfortunately she isn't able to eat right now. Really hoping they are able to start up again tonight or tomorrow with the feedings and fortifiers.She is swollen from the past few days, we hope to see it go down now.
Our big prayer for the week is to get rid of this infection once and for all...waiting, watching and praying!!
Much love to you all,

Meet the Cobbs

We realize that some of you following us have not met all of our little family. Just wanted to share some family photos with you. Have a blessed day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 26

Bella is doing ok, but her kidneys are not functioning once again. We did find out that the antibiotics she's getting to treat the yeast could play a part in this, so that's hopeful. We received some great news this evening - Bella finally had a head ultrasound and she's had no bleeding in her brain. When her platelet count dropped so low last week, we were told that a bleed could have very well occurred. We're extremely thankful for this! No other changes. We just need to kick this infection so we can get the kidney's back on track and then treat the PDA in the heart. We're coming up on 1 month!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 25- AM update

Sweet Bella had a great night. Visits from both Daddy and Nana while I got a full night's sleep!

Just got the orders from the Dr today and we hope its an uneventful day.

Her platelettes went from 88 to 135 today. We reached our goal and them some. Thank you Lord.

The blood culture did come back positive for yeast but that was to be expected. He will start another culture tomorrow.

They are increasing her breast milk from 3 cc to 5 cc. They are also adding some fortifiers for extra calories. This is a definite step in the right direction!

Head ultra sound on Monday, praying for no or little brain bleeds...

She has both of her primary nurses for day and night AND Uncle Patrick her favorite Respirational Therapist today. She is in the best of care!

It is a beautiful day, our hearts are full....Thanks be to God.

Love to you all

Day 25

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 24 Update

Bella has had a beautiful day today. She went from having 2-6 ml in output (urine) per day to 48 ml today. Ahhh the power of prayer!

Her platelette count went up from 66 to 88, our goal is to get just over a 100. We are close!

We are still getting a negative on the blood culture for yeast at 4 days out. Fingers still crossed....

They anticipate her vent settings will be decreased once they do a blood gas to confirm that the lungs are looking better.

She is getting 3 cc's of breast milk every 3 hours and really tolerating her feeds well.

They will be doing a head ultrasound tomorrow to look for brain bleeds. She has not shown any so far but they have told us that this could change especially with the low platelette counts.

Again we cannot thank all of you enough for your prayers and support. We are filled with the Holy Spirit and completely moved by the human spirit.

Love to you all

Day 24- Meet Arabella Ann Cobb!!

Day 23

23 is the day of pee! Kidneys are back on! Woohoo! More to come...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 23- end update

It would be unjust and meaningless if we only shared the positive and not the bad. It has been a long day in NICU with many prayers all around for wet diapers but we have had none....as a parent you just want to fix everything and when you can't it just hurts...
My mom went to stay with Bella tonight because I need a break. I am learning to say that I need a break...
We have family in the waiting room just praying for her so that is comforting. Thank you so much Aunt Cindy...
Thank you Leeann for the bible verse, it came at a time I couldn't have needed it more..
Much love to all of you, Telisha

Day 23

Bella is having a better day today than she was last night. They are slowly weaning her from her oxygen which is now on an improved 86 percent and sats are in the 90's.
Unfortunately her kidneys still aren't working. Praying VERY hard to see them kick in. We know they can work and really need them to start again today.
Her platelettes dropped a bit again which is the opposite direction of what they expected for today.
On the up side her blood culture is still negative for yeast today. Yey!
She is accepting touch really well today so I got to visit longer than normal so my heart is full and hopeful. I am constantly amazed at her big spirit, she doesn't even seem small to me anymore because it is so big...

Love to you all

"For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you"
Isaiah 41:13

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

22 Days

Today is bittersweet with Arabella...Our nurse today arranged for me to hold her for the first time, not just in my hands but on my chest, skin to skin. I will cherish this memory forever...incredibly amazing..
Unfortunately her sats are a cause for concern tonight. She is receiving 100 percent oxygen and is only in the 80s. The Dr just looked at the xray and said she has a lot of fluid around her lungs. Her kidneys have stopped working again so she is not flushing anything out. They gave her some lasex to kick in the kidneys but has had no results so far. We are praying this improves tonight.
We are turning it over to the big man and thankful for another day...
We promise we have pictures coming...lost our camera charger but have found it now. Sorry for the delay..

Day 22

Sorry for the late post! Its prob day 23 for some of you already... Anyway, today has been long and up and down. Here is the first text from Telisha at 10:10a. "Dr Karmo greeted me with "we have some positives to work with today..." Her blood culture is negative at 48 hours (for yeast), her platelets are up and should be over 100 tomorrow. Her low sats and kidney function is assumed to be the result of PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) which is a common problem with premies where a duct in the heart fails to close, causing blood leakage into the lungs. With the infection gone & blood count up, they were going to treat the PDA, which should solve lots of Bella's problems. Next, Telisha got to hold the little one for the 1st time! On her chest, skin to skin. How awesome! First time anyone has held Bella! I'm sure you can guess that Telisha was ecstatic. This was about noon and the rest of the day was happy news until this evening. By 9ish, our late hospital trip, after Dylan is asleep, Bellas sats were in the 60s on 100% oxygen. Turns out she does not have PDA after all and it seems to be fluid around the lungs causing her decreased breathing function. Her urine output has been pretty bad, and was assumed to be a result of the PDA, which we now know it is not. They're just changed some settings on her ventilator, but may switch her back to the oscilating vent soon, if her sats doesnt pick up soon. Just a waiting game now...hopefull she will pee soon and get rid of some of this fluid so she can breathe. What an up and down day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 weeks!

Happy Birthday Bella! Miss Arabella is celebrating her birthday with a blood transfusion and increased feedings. Her red count is low b/c they've been drawing so much for tests. They'll just put back what they've taken. Hers sats are ok this morning - not great, but ok. No other orders today. Some blood and double the food. Happy Birthday!

Monday, June 7, 2010

20 Days!

Miss Bella is doing well today. Her platelet count is back in the 80s after several days of 20-30s. As long as her count stays high, she'll get a percucath put in today. This is a main line that replaces the umbilical line she's has since birth. The umbilical line was removed 2 days ago, because it stopped working, which is normal, and was also adding to the yeast infection in her blood. Since that time, she's been receiving all fluids through multiple IV lines, but her vessels are so small, the IVs are problematic. The percucath will be a very nice additional, so we're hopefull this happens today. Her blood is still positive for yeast, but not as much, so it looks like the infection is starting to subside. She's breathing well and will start eating again today, after several days with no food, because of the infection. Go Bella!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 19

Little Bella is having a good day today. Such a relief to see her kidneys function again. Thanks for all of the prayers for that! She is starting to get rid of some fluids and actually had a record high for wet diaper. Woohoo!
Her blood culture is negative for yeast at 24 hours but we can't be certain until 3 days out. But that is hopeful!

On the down side her blood gas isn't as great as they would like and there is talk of switching back to the other respirator. Her stats however look great. She is on 60 percent oxygen and is hanging in the 80s and 90s.

She has had 3 platelette transfusions in the past couple of days. They are starting to go up but she may need another. They are letting her rest for now.

We are praying for 2 consecutive days of no major set backs to give her little body a rest!!!

Love to you all...Telisha

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 18

Blessed with another day! We truly give thanks that we have learned to live in the present and trust that what ever the future may bring is God's will. What a comforting way to live life..
Bella never recovered from all of the procedures yesterday. Nurse Susan watched and waited then found the doctor and told him he had to do something. They changed her back to the other respirator and offered her less oxygen support and what do you know it worked! Her stats are in the 90s and she is getting 60 percent oxygen today.
She is getting another platelette transfusion again today. Her body may be using these up still to fight this infection. They did another blood culture today and we are praying that soon the results come back negative.
Her kidneys are causing some concern. The good news is that we know they can work but the bad news is that they aren't working right now. She is starting to retain fluids.

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts, words and deeds but most importantly thank you for your prayers.

Day 18

Blessed with another day! We truly give thanks that we have learned to live in the present and trust that what ever the future may bring is God's will. What a comforting way to live life..
Bella never recovered from all of the procedures yesterday. Nurse Susan watched and waited then found the doctor and told him he had to do something. They changed her back to the other respirator and offered her less oxygen support and what do you know it worked! Her stats are in the 90s and she is getting 60 percent oxygen today.
She is getting another platelette transfusion again today. Her body may be using these up still to fight this infection. They did another blood culture today and we are praying that soon the results come back negative.
Her kidneys are causing some concern. The good news is that we know they can work but the bad news is that they aren't working right now. She is starting to retain fluids.

Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts, words and deeds but most importantly thank you for your prayers.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 17

Sweet Bella didn't have a great night but it wasn't as bad as the night before. Still today her stats are down in the 70's but we are hoping and praying it is because they have had to do quite a few things with her this morning. She got a new IV in her tiny arm, she will get a 2nd one later today. They are hoping to remove her catheter in her belly that is her central line for meds and blood infusions. They believe that because of the infection the catheter is causing her platelettes to clump and stick to it. She received a platelette infusion this morning so hopefully this helps.Her skin is just getting better day by day, it is amazing at the progression. Our primary day nurse, Susan, said she had not seen skin that bad on a preemie in her 35 years of nursing. Such a blessing to have her over come this. We are awaiting her blood culture results to see where we are at with battling the yeast infection in her blood.
It warms our hearts to no end to see her little feautures start to develop. Even as tiny as she is she has the longest eye lashes and defined eye brows. Her little button nose is the cutest thing ever. We have lots of pictures that we hope to post over the weekend.

We cannot rave enough about Team Bella here at Centennial. Not only do they have the expertise but they also have lots of heart and faith. They truly believe in miracles..

Our thoughts and words are rich with trust and thankfulness today.

Love to you all
Dylan and Bella's Mommy

Thursday, June 3, 2010

End of Day 16

Bella is slowly recovering from last nights set backs. Her stats are in the high 80s now and she is receiving 65 % on oxygen. I just took her temperature, changed her diaper, put on her skin cream and repositioned her to her left side (which isn't her favorite) and she handled it great. Even got an extra minute to sing some lullabies :) I am going to try to stay awake and here until 2 am for her next assessment, that is when she started acting up last night. We are very excited that Nurse Bethany has signed up to be her primary caregiver at night. It means she will have her 3 to 4 times each week and we always seem to rest easier when she is in her care. She has years of experience and much faith in God.We continue to watch, wait and pray until God's plan for her is clear.

Much love to you all, Telisha

"Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge"
Psalm 62:8

day 16

Bella's stats are down this morning. She's receiving 100% oxygen and her blood o2 is in the 70's. This is likely a result of the yeast in her lungs. She received some medicine to help her lungs work and some new ventelator settings. We're hopeful she'll start doing better shortly.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 15!

Miss Bella is doing well this morning. Her blood and skin are still infected with yeast, but she's fighting and continues to have good stats. She's receiving 49% oxygen and her blood oxygen level has been mid 80's to mid 90's, which is right where it should be. Her urine output is normal again and the doctor said he's impressed with how her skin is progressing. This could make 2 good days in a row!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

2 Weeks!

Happy 2 week birthday Arabella! The little miracle is still hanging in there. Her stats are looking good today - much better than this weekend. Right now the main concern is the yeast infection in her blood. That combined with the yeast on her skin, lung trouble, and kidney problems is a lot for her little body to handle. So far she's doing good but yeast is stubborn and will likely take a week or so to kick it. We just need her to hang in and fight off the infection. Her skin is still in bad shape, but looking much better thanks to some amazing nursing this weekend. She's on a topical antibiotic now to fight the skin infection. We'll keep praying and she'll keep fighting!